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Celebrating the UK’s Black Film Workshop Movement, now and then

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Response to Claudette’s Star

By Irenosen Okojie In this essay, writer Irenosen Okojie reflects on Ayo Akingbade’s Claudette’s Star, one of the new commissions in our Second Sight film tour exploring the legacy, methods, aesthetic strategies and histories of the UK’s Black Film Workshop Movement. An auspiciously symbolic opening sets the dream like tone in this cerebral offering on […]

What Channel 4 had to do

By Farrukh Dhondy In this essay Farrukh Dhondy gives us an insight into the commissioning process at Channel 4 during the UK’s Black Film Workshop Movement, where he worked in the Independent Film and Video department. I was afforded the privilege of being appointed the Commissioning Editor for Multicultural Programming at Channel 4 from 1984, […]

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