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Celebrating the UK’s Black Film Workshop Movement, now and then

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Some meandering personal reflections on Dreaming Rivers, language and Hostile Environment

By Rabz Lansiquot In this essay filmmaker, programmer, curator, and DJ, Rabz Lansiquot reflects on Martina Attille’s Dreaming Rivers, exploring themes of familial connection and forgotten voices in the context of today’s society. The boat in the harbour,Took my sweetheart away,My sweetheart you left me here,Alas alas what am I to do This West Indian […]

Introduction to Second Sight

One of our roles at the ICO is to celebrate older work that younger audiences might not be familiar with and present it on the big screen as a collective, communal viewing experience. There are many reasons for this unfamiliarity – from the lack of available cinematic formats, to the fact that some histories are […]

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