Morgan Quaintance//South

About South

What kind of power is accessible through the discovery of a voice? Looking at personal and communal empowerment through vocal training and liberation movements in London and Chicago, South also explores what happens when speech is ignored, and the voice fades.

Camera/edit/sound/writing: Morgan Quaintance

About Morgan Quaintance

Morgan Quaintance is a London-based artist, writer and curator. His critical essays and texts have been published widely, whilst many curated group exhibitions and events have been staged across the UK. His moving-image work has been shown recently at LIMA, Amsterdam, and Cubitt Gallery, London. He has upcoming solo exhibitions at KARST, Plymouth, LUX, London and David Dale Gallery, Glasgow. His acclaimed essay film works explore the overlooked recent socio-cultural histories of the UK; his film Another Decade considers the failure of the ‘new internationalism’ in the UK arts since the 1990s.

Morgan Quintaince on South and the Black Film Workshop Movement